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Energy Balancing Services

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Sheila Wright is your guide to health and wellness in body, mind and spirit. She is a Professional Energy Balancing Specialist in the modalities of EFT, TAT and Feng Shui and Space Clearing. She is an Affiliate for Q Link products, which help to mitigate the negative effects of EMF's. Additionally she sells the Richway Amethyst Bio-Mat™, an FDA approved Far Infrared medical device. These products individually and synergestically work to enhance and benefit your overall health and well-being. They are holistic health solutions that are particularly helpful to seniors and baby boomers.

Sheila provides services to her clients in Orange County and San Diego County, California and in Vancouver and Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada. She is available, by phone, to clients internationally.  

Below is an overview of the healing modalities that Sheila uses with her clients.

What Is EFT?

EFT is a method of clearing negative emotions. It is an emotional version of acupuncture except needles aren't necessary. Instead, you stimulate well established energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips. The process is easy to memorize and is portable so you can do it anywhere. It launches off the EFT Discovery Statement which says...

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's 
energy system." - Gary Craig, EFT Founder

EFT has no known side effects, the results are usually permanent, and the success rate exceeds 80% when correctly applied. 

What Is TAT?

TAT is  a leading edge energy meridian healing technique to help end stress, create vibrant good health and live a happy life. TAT can help you:

  • Let go of the past and eliminate beliefs that keep you from achieving what you want and deserve in life
  • Eradicate fears and phobias at their source
  • Heal the emotional aspects of physical illnesses
  • Stop the inner negative chatter that keeps you from creating the life you want
"I would say that TAT reunites a person with parts of himself or herself that 
have been locked away or frozen in time. There are many ways to describe the 
results of TAT. Integration, harmony, peace, unity, connectedness, 
relatedness, oneness and wholeness are a few of the terms people have 
used to express how they feel after doing TAT." - Tapas Flemming, TAT Developer

EFT, TAT and PSYCH-K  are different types of meridian energy techniques and fall under the umbrella of Energy Psychology.  By working with your body's energies through the meridian system, you are able to shift your neurology, to literally change the patterns in your brain that maintain unwanted habits, negative emotions, and self-limiting ways of thinking. Energy Psychology techniques bring about rapid shifts in emotional and behavioral problems. These techniques non-invasively shift electromagnetic processes in the brain. 

FENG SHUI and SPACE CLEARING are methods that involve changing the energy of your home or work environment to be more balanced and harmonious to support your overall well-being.

Everything is composed of energy and is interconnected. This includes our beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, our emotions, our behaviors.  Our beliefs determine how we feel about ourselves and affect our emotions. Our emotions affect not only our behavior but our physical and psychological health as well. All of the above determines our reality, as we experience and perceive it to be.

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. This statement is based on the science of quantum physics, as well as spiritual and metaphysical principles. Obviously, if you change your beliefs and balance your emotions, which will naturally lead you to change your behavior, you can create a new reality. The way this is accomplished depends upon which approach or methodology  is used.

I incorporate EFT and TAT, along with affirmative prayer, when appropriate, to empower people to achieve their unique goals. Initially, it may be that a client wants to be free of specific fears and other negative emotions. After balancing their emotional energy system, it is easier to install new beliefs. These new beliefs are chosen by the client and are often goal oriented. 

When asked, I can also assist in balancing the environment of where a client lives or works using Feng Shui and Space Clearing techniques. 

All of these healing techniques assist in adjusting the energy of the client to be more balanced. They can work independently of one another or synergistically together. In each private session the client determines which modality will be most effective for them. This is done through muscle testing and asking specific questions.  I always recognize the inherent inner wisdom of each client to know what is most appropriate for them in the current moment. These healing methods empower us to take charge of our lives. We don't have to be the victims of our fears, our past, current circumstances or our subconscious mind. 

As we grow to overcome our fears and self-imposed limitations, we are enabled to actualize our own unique potential to be the best that we can be. We come to fully realize that the only thing we can change is ourselves. When we change, our realty changes because we start attracting new and exciting things into our lives, based on having balanced emotions and new self-imposed beliefs. Underlying all of this is the willingness to take personal responsibility for ourselfs and the willingness to accept and forgive ourselves and others. Ultimately we may come to truly realize our interconnectedness to each other and with all of Creation and that the greatest truth underlying it all is love and a compassionate heart. 

EFT and TAT processes do not diagnose medical problems, nor do they replace the need for medical attention or substitute for professional mental health care. While, so far, there have been no distressing side effects reported, this does not mean that you will not discover side effects for yourself. Further, Sheila Wright is not a licensed mental health professional, but offers her services and as a professionally trained Meridian Energy Practitioner and as an Ordained Metaphysical Metaphysical Minister. You are required to take complete responsibility for your own emotional, physical, and mental health and well being, both during and after working with these Meridian Energy Techniques.

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